Today we talk with the former director and co-founder of the SETI Institute. The institute pioneered the field of scientifically parsing through the u...View Details

Today we talk about the amazing space exploration that is... SpaceX. We talk about the rockets, the history, and the plans for the future. Let us know...View Details

Today we talk about the famous long squiggly line that we see in calculus. This is a hard topic to explain if you don't already know a little bit abou...View Details

Today we talk about just a few of the many experiments that have changed the history of physics. We each present some notable experiments that are sur...View Details

Today we talk with an amazing teaching professor at the University of Victoria, Dr. Trefor Bazett. He was also a graduate student at the University of...View Details

Today we talk about the mysterious quantity in thermodynamics called entropy. Although it's a little bit odd to think about, it actually produces many...View Details

Today we talk with a very special guest, Dr. Rastgoo, who is in the field of quantum gravity. We discuss the fundamentals of the theory, all the way t...View Details

Today we talk with a fellow UofT student and Youtuber, Richard Han. He is a Rotman Commerce student and he takes us through his experiences so far and...View Details

Today we finally follow up on our part one of this much-awaited series. We talk about the newest Mars rover, living on Mars in the future, space missi...View Details

Today we talk with Mr. Paul Delaney, a senior lecturer, and astrophysicist at York University. Enjoy this awesome conversation about special types of ...View Details

Today we talk with Julian Robinson from his podcast, Deep thoughts deeper talks, about awesomely interesting topics as always. Enjoy this more relaxed...View Details

Today we talk about the famous problems that will earn you 1 million dollars each for solving! But obviously, it's not as easy as you might think; the...View Details

Today we talk with Grant Sanderson from the amazing youtube channel 3Blue1Brown. His videos have inspired us in our careers so far and we absolutely e...View Details

Today we talk about the science behind rockets, so come on guys, it's not rocket sci... oh. Guess how many times we used that joke. How do rockets wor...View Details

Today we discuss the infamous idea that claims the Earth is flat instead of spherical. Are these claims valid? Is it just a coincidence that physics c...View Details

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